VPS-MICRO® Tutorials

vps-micro_tutorialsVEXTEC has created a set of self-guided VPS-MICRO tutorials to familiarize engineering practitioners and managers with the capabilities that the software brings to the world of component design and reliability. Inside each tutorial, you will find helpful information regarding how to run the software and the appropriate input files related to the example simulation.  To download a tutorial, simply submit your name and email address. A link with the tutorial will appear for you to download once you click the Get Download button.

Design Input Tutorial for VPS-MICRO

vextec-design-tutorial-graphicThe Design Input for VPS-MICRO defines a component’s geometry, loading characteristics, and stress response in fatigue. A structural model (such as a finite element analysis – FEA) provides the basis for this information. This can then be supplemented with specific details to more effectively describe the in-service loading/stress environment. This tutorial will show you the methods of obtaining the individual design inputs, and provide a real-world example of how these inputs work together within the VPS-MICRO software interface.

Material Input Tutorial for VPS-MICRO

vextec-material-tutorial-graphic_revThis tutorial provides a basic overview of what is included in the Material Input File for VPS-MICRO. The parameters in this file are collected using standard material property testing methods, and, as opposed to finite element structural modeling, realistic variation in the material is quantified. VEXTEC’s technology leverages computational efficiency in processing the material model, to provide a more-accurate fatigue prediction.

Gear Reliability Tutorial for VPS-MICRO

vextec-gear-tutorial-graphic_mediumThis tutorial is an illustrative example of how to run a simulation to predict gear reliability using VPS-MICRO. Inside the tutorial, you will find helpful information regarding how to run the software with the appropriate files, and how making changes related to various gear manufacturing processing conditions can vastly affect the reliability outputs.

Coming Soon

Check back for these tutorials coming soon:

  • Connecting Rod Example Tutorial
  • Medical Device Stent Example Tutorial