Vextec Awarded $800,000 Naval Corrosion Analysis Contract

Jan. 11, 2014 – Brentwood, Tenn. — VEXTEC recently received funding from the Office of Naval Research to continue work on “Corrosion Resistant Naval Alloys: Innovative Multi-Scale Computational Modeling & Simulation Tools.” This multi-year, $800,000 contract supports the Sea-Based Aviation National Naval Responsibility program.

VEXTEC will create software to serve as an integration tool that links the results of research on corrosion fatigue into a usable structural analysis tool. Fatigue failure due to corrosion is a multidisciplinary, multi-scale problem. In order to accurately simulate this failure, integration of many mechanisms is required and better prediction of failure risk is necessary. The Navy’s objective is to take advantage of all available corrosion fatigue knowledge, methods, models and algorithms to fulfill this vision.

The overall concept is to develop a tool set which has a library of different material microstructures, damage models, and solving routines to simulate corrosion fatigue failure. An additional feature of the tool is that it will allow users to integrate their own individual computational damage models or solving routines within the software tool. This feature will be analogous to most commercial finite element analysis (FEA) software tools that contain a library of their own different element types and solver routines for structural analysis, but also allow users to link their own special solving routines and specialized elements. 

VEXTEC was founded in 2000 and has developed its patented technology on virtual material modeling and predicting product durability. VEXTEC offers its Virtual Life Management (VLM) software and services to a variety of commercial and government customers. 

VEXTEC Corporation
Ashley C. Clark
Marketing Manager
(615) 372-0299 (ext. 233)

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