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Using Integrated Computational Material Science to Create Virtual Simulations of Gear Fatigue Lifetime

Inclusion of computational materials engineering into currently established integrated product development processes increase the competitiveness of any manufacturer that chooses to implement it.

Published in Gear Solutions Magazine

Authors: Ganapathi Krishnan, Richard Holmes, Robert Tryon, Ed Pope, Richard Warns, Vikas Tomar

February 2014, Gear Solutions Magazine

Material science is the oldest of all science and engineering disciplines. It is not an overstatement to say that materials science has transformed human history. The Bronze Age and the Iron Age defined the rise and fall of complete civilizations. The economic might of the industrial revolution was built on the Age of Steel.

Our current economy is based on the Silicon Age. Almost all other science and engineering disciplines have embraced the Silicon Age for its development of computational software tools to simulate physics, chemistry, and biology, and therefore speed product development. In this sense, material science still lags behind. Gear manufactures continue to have a “let’s make it and break it” overall outlook relative to understanding material behavior.

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