What We Do

What is Virtual Life Management® (VLM®) analysis and what can it be used for?

What is offered in a full VLM Package?

What is a Laboratory Failure Analysis? 

What is included in the failure analysis package?

Saving Our Clients Time and Money

VEXTEC’s services have been used in over 100 commercial projects as well as in many government programs over the last decade. Our clients have improved product reliability and reduced the risk of new product introduction into the marketplace. Costs and time-to-market have been reduced, in-service issues have been resolved and cash had been freed up for other reinvestment opportunities. Our typical client achieves large return on investment in less than a year. Of course each situation is unique, but the financial argument for using VEXTEC VLM Services is compelling.

Here are three customer experiences emphasizing the benefits of using VLM: