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Forbes Honors VEXTEC As America’s Most Promising Company

Firm is selected from thousands of US-based companies for the quality of its management, technology, and opportunity.

Brentwood, TN, September 16, 2009 – After months of sifting through the financials, business and technology descriptions for thousands of companies from all over the country, the results are finally in:  Forbes magazine has named VEXTEC America’s Most Promising Company.

“VEXTEC’s technology promises to hasten the pace of innovation,” said Brett Nelson, Forbes Entrepreneurs Editor. “This young company represents the very spirit of entrepreneurship in America.”

The hunt for America’s Most Promising Companies was announced in Forbes, and last spring. Forbes’ conducted the survey in partnership with The Venture Alliance, a boutique investment adviser to early stage companies. The survey’s announcement prompted thousands of companies in every conceivable stage and from every different business segment imaginable to submit to the intense scrutiny of TVA selection criteria.

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