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VPS-MICRO® Software

Durability & Fatigue Simulator

VPS-MICRO is a patented software used for material model development and Virtual Life Management® (VLM®) predictions. The VPS-MICRO software can be used to simulate simple fatigue test or more complex simulations by allowing the user to integrate their own Finite Element Analysis (FEA) models within the simulator.  For a short demonstration of the software, click on the link below

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VLM® Technology Process

VLM Methodology Demonstration

The Virtual Life Management® (VLM) technology is a computational framework that accurately accounts for a materials reaction to the stress imparted upon it, its variability and all its various damage mechanisms, the geometry, and the conditions of its usage over time.  For a short demonstration on the patented process used for VLM predictions and the technology behind VPS-MICRO software click on the link below.

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