Air Force Awards VEXTEC® SBIR PH II to Develop Corrosion Prediction Software for the Lifetime Assessment of Airborne Systems


USAF SealOctober 5, 2016 -The United States Air Force (USAF) recognizes that rising procurement cost and shrinking budgets require sustainment of existing aircraft. An improved life cycle management tool that helps inform sustainment decisions and extends remaining useful life of aircraft is essential for decreasing total ownership costs. To facilitate this effort, the USAF has awarded a new Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract to VEXTEC to develop a software that can be used to predict the effect of corrosion on the lifetime assessment of airborne systems. Read more


VEXTEC® Receives Phase I STTR Award from NAVAIR to Decrease Certification Time & Cost for Additive Manufacturing of Components

NAWCADJuly 18, 2016, Brentwood, TN – The Naval Air Warfighter Center, Aircraft Division, has contracted with VEXTEC Corporation to demonstrate the feasibility of using integrated computational material engineering (ICME) software tools to greatly decrease the time and money needed to certify an Additive Manufactured (AM) component for structural application. Read more

VEXTEC Receives Phase II SBIR Award from USAF to Develop Physics Based Fracture Mechanics Methodology

VEXTEC® receives Phase II SBIR Award from United States Air Force (USAF) to develop realistic and physics based fracture mechanics methodology. The benefit of such an approach over the traditional linear elastic fracture mechanics (LEFM) is a significant reduction in errors and uncertainty in the life predictions which result in unreliability or excessively conservatism for some designs. Read more

VEXTEC Team Awarded $1.36M to Develop Software that Predicts the Effect of Stress Corrosion Cracking for Navy

VEXTEC Corporation was awarded the prime contract from the US Navy to build software, Corrosion Cracking Maintenance Prediction Software (CCMPS), that predicts the future maintenance needs for aluminum (5000 series) ship structures, based on current damage state and expected usage (ONR-BAA14-003). Team members include researchers from the University of Virginia (UVa) Center for Electrochemical Science and Engineering. In the proposed effort, VEXTEC and consultants will use existing data and models to calibrate the software and consult with the Navy to gather additional data and develop new models. Read more

VEXTEC Receives Phase I SBIR Award from USAF to Advance Modeling of Surface Corrosion

USAF SealThe development of new corrosion resistant designs is essential  to build, maintain, and sustain the United States Air Force (USAF) fleet well through the twenty-first century. Current aerospace designs which include extensive use of light-weight, high strength aluminum alloys are highly susceptible to the effects of corrosion making this of great importance to the USAF.   Therefore, the primary objective of this Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) topic, awarded to VEXTEC, will be to show the feasibility of advanced modeling for simulating and predicting surface corrosion leading to fatigue damage. Read more

VEXTEC Presenting Computational Software for Predicting the Durability of Pacemaker Leads at Frontiers in Medical Devices Conference in Washington, DC

Brentwood, TN May 15, 2015 – Dr. Sanjeev Kulkarni, Vice President of Sales & Business Development of VEXTEC Corporation, will be presenting VEXTEC’s computational software for predicting the durability of pacemaker leads at the BMES/FDA “Frontiers of Medical Devices Conference: Innovations in Modeling and Simulation” in Washington, DCRead more

FDA Accepts Virtual Life Management® for Evaluation Into The MDDT Pilot Program.

Virtual Twin of a cardiac rhythm electrical lead.

Virtual Twin of a cardiac rhythm electrical lead.

April 1, 2015, Brentwood, TN-The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will evaluate VEXTEC’s Virtual Life Management (VLM®) for certification as a Medical Device Development Tool (MDDT). The goal of the MDDT pilot program is to assess and refine the qualification process for tools used to develop and evaluate medical devices. The pilot program is limited to 15 tool developers. The FDA stated that VEXTEC’s, “proposal was accepted because your tool is at a mature stage of development and meets a public health need (major efficiencies to be gained in device development and evaluation time).” Read more

VEXTEC to Present at the 2015 Aircraft Airworthiness & Sustainment Conference

VEXTEC's SCCrack SoftwareBrentwood, TN, March 20, 2015 – VEXTEC Corporation co-founder Robert Tryon will be making two presentations at the 2015 Aircraft Airworthiness & Sustainment (AA&S) Conference. The conference will be held in Baltimore, Maryland March 30 – April 2. Representatives from the Air Force, Navy, NASA, Federal Aviation Administration and industry will be in attendance. Read more