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VEXTEC In IBM: Making The World Work Better

Profiled with Alcoa, Amazon and Goodyear

Excerpt from “Making the World Work Better”

Predictive models are also emerging as powerful tools to anticipate breakage. Manufacturers dole out tens of billions of dollars in warranty payments a year.[i][i] Knowing when and how a product will fail would not only save money but also improve the safety of workers and customers.

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Modeling Stresses at Metal’s Grain Level

Published in Machine Design Magazine
Finite element analysis has become a standard tool for ensuring the structural integrity of components such as turbine blades and diesel engines. So why do auto companies pay huge royalties and the largest U.S. companies spend about $30 billion a year on warranties? Because conventional macroscopic FEA doesn’t really account for part material processing variability, says Loren Nasser, CEO of VEXTEC, Brentwood, Tenn. “For instance, say you have produced 10,000 parts. Common sense tells you that in the real world, the parts will never be processed exactly identically.”

First Part Designed Using Life Simulation Tool Nears FAA Approval

Published in: Aviation Week & Space Technology; October 26, 2009; Issue, pg. 74

Author: Graham Warwick

Printed headline: Virtual Breakthrough

A computational tool that can estimate how long a component will last even before it is produced promises to revolutionize engineering, but illustrates the hurdles innovations must overcome to earn a place in the heavily regulated aerospace industry.
Brentwood, Tenn.-based Vextec developed its Virtual Life Management (VLM) simulation tool with aerospace in mind, but the early adopters have been in the industrial equipment and automotive supplier industries, where warranty costs from premature failures eat directly into the bottom line.  “The technology was initially developed for aerospace, but other markets have moved faster,” says Loren Nasser, Vextec president and CEO. “The military and commercial sectors are heavily regulated, and can’t move as quickly in changing the way they do business.” Read more

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Forbes Honors VEXTEC As America’s Most Promising Company

Firm is selected from thousands of US-based companies for the quality of its management, technology, and opportunity.

Brentwood, TN, September 16, 2009 – After months of sifting through the financials, business and technology descriptions for thousands of companies from all over the country, the results are finally in:  Forbes magazine has named VEXTEC America’s Most Promising Company.

“VEXTEC’s technology promises to hasten the pace of innovation,” said Brett Nelson, Forbes Entrepreneurs Editor. “This young company represents the very spirit of entrepreneurship in America.” Read more