VPS-MICRO® Software Demonstration Now Available

VEXTEC's software VPS-MICRO®

VEXTEC’s software VPS-MICRO®

VEXTEC is pleased to announce that a demonstration is now available on our website of the proprietary software VPS-MICRO. VPS-MICRO is a patented software used for material model development and VLM predictions.  VEXTEC’s VLM technology is a computational framework that accurately accounts for a material’s reaction to the stress imparted upon it, its variability and all its various damage mechanisms, its geometry, and the conditions of its usage over time. VLM simulation software platform uniquely combines the industry standard FEA with a 3-D spatial model of the material microstructure to predict component durability and remaining useful life over time. Our patented physics-based computational methods accurately and efficiently predict lifecycle statistics. Click here to view the VPS-MICRO demonstration.

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