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What makes us different from other consulting companies is our proprietary software, which we have been developing since VEXTEC’s founding in 2000. We have received over $25 million from the United States Department of Defense through its Innovative Research programs to develop this technology. During this time VEXTEC has been granted seven Patents.

VEXTEC Corporation provides technical expertise, software, and services in the area of component, system, and fleet durability and life.  We utilize our Virtual Life Management® (VLM®) engineering software platform along with our VPS-MICRO® software to help companies make better products and resolve in-service durability and reliability issues.

The insight VEXTEC provides enables our clients to optimize their product design and manufacturing processes to achieve the desired product durability and life, while at the same time reducing product development time and cost.  VEXTEC’s clients include aerospace, automotive, electronics, energy, heavy industry and medical device manufacturing companies as well as many Federal government agencies.

  • Simulating Microstructure

    We model material at its fundamental level: its microstructure. Simulating microstructure is important since it plays the key role in determining when, where and how failures occur.

  • Analysis Of Material Failure

    Over the last 30 years, most engineering disciplines have embraced computational methods – CAD, CAE, EDA, CAM – that have dramatically increased manufacturing productivity. But the analysis of material failure remains largely wedded to old methods. VEXTEC is changing that by integrating computational material science and engineering throughout the product life cycle.

  • Determining Product Reliability

    Product reliability is determined using laboratory testing of many identical products. These methods are expensive and slow; worse, inaccuracies lead to overdesign with large safety factors. This overdesign leads to products that are bigger, heavier, more expensive and less competitive. Simulating product geometry and loads can be done with widely available tools such as CAD and FEA, but simulating a product’s material is difficult. Subtleties in casting, forging, rolling and heat treatments will vary the material microstructure widely. VLM® allows manufacturers to predict product reliability with considerably less physical testing, thereby greatly reducing costs.

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How We Can Help

We provide software and consulting services to improve product reliability. VEXTEC offers the VPS-MICRO software, as well as, a variety of services to suit your needs from product design to failure analysis. Using VLM, we create a VirtualTwin® to simulate fatigue life and corrosion damage in structural, mechanical and electronic products. The VirtualTwin VEXTEC develops in an initial engagement are available for continuous use throughout the product lifecycle, saving time and money from design to fleet management.

VEXTEC’s Virtual Twin® is being applied in many different stages of the product life cycle.

  • Accelerate Product Development
  • Improve Product/Fleet Durability
  • Assess Predictive Maintenance
  • Reduce Physical Testing
  • Resolve Product Durability Issues
  • Accelerate Materials Development
  • Improve Warranty Management
  • Perform Product Failure Analysis
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American Airlines

VLM Saves $4 Million in component failure costs for American Airlines

American Airlines began experiencing premature failures of their APU Bearings and VLM technology was used to determine the cause and evaluate options for reducing the component failure. A Virtual Twin model was created which included multiple operating conditions, design and material processing variations, and lubricants.

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Capital Investment

More than $700,000 In Capital Investment Saved

All industrial equipment is designed to operate safely within a certain range of conditions, and in a perfect world, would be operated within its predetermined limits. But often, the designed-for conditions and actual operating conditions are worlds apart, with predictable results: premature failure, unanticipated downtime, unplanned maintenance, productivity losses, unexpected repair and replacement costs, and lost revenue.

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Life Prognosis

A New Approach

Gears are among mankind’s oldest mechanical devices, and they continue to play critical roles in a myriad of applications from the esoteric to the mundane. For decades, accepted industry methods for predicting gear health have been adequate. But that’s changing.

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Virtual Life Management

The Significant Impact

The cardiac implant device market alone is expected to grow to $27 B by 2017. Medical device firms routinely spend 8% – 10% of revenues in the development of new medical devices. This does not include costs of clinical trials and regulatory approval. There are few operating environments harsher than the human body.

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Robert Tryon

Robert Tryon

Co-Founder / CTO
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Animesh Dey

Co-Founder / CPDO
Sanjeev Kulkarni

Sanjeev Kulkarni

VP, Sales and Business Development
Michael Oja

Michael Oja

Sales & Project Manager

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